Rhonda Starr - Artist's Spotlight

Rhonda Starr is a fine art photographer.

She was born in Toronto and spent her first 30+ year career as an elementary public school teacher. Rhonda always had a love for art and used to spend quality time sharing and teaching various art forms with her young students.

Her photographic vision has evolved to include unique and interesting perspectives of the world around us. She strives to create images of the highest calibre and focuses her attention on sharing her work with others.

Some of her images are created by combining dissimilar images or by enhancing details to make statements. She constantly experiments with colours, shapes, textures and patterns in her work.

Her work includes images that are black and white, sepia and colour. She creates an eclectic assortment of photographs including landscapes, portraits, vintage, creative compositions and seasonal images.

Her work is constantly changing and evolving as her perspectives change. Her goal is to constantly create new and imaginative fine art pieces which she prints on archival paper.

A member of the Richmond Hill Camera Club, The Toronto Focal Forum and the Canadian Association of Photographic Arts (CAPA). She is an award winning photographer who has won gold in the Ontario Council for Camera Club competition (O3C), silver in CAPA and over 50 other numerous awards and trophies.

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