Papier-Mâché Creations


Thursday, October 14, 2021 - Thursday, November 18, 2021    
1:45 pm - 4:15 pm



Elgin West Community Center
11099 Bathurst St., Richmond Hill, ON, L4C 0N2

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This class is all about exploring the world of paper and how it can be used to create a multitude of crafts and creative pieces. Each week we will be creating a unique piece and learning new papier-mâché skills like paper clay making, tissue papier-mâché, wire armature making & more! We’ll also explore how to use everyday paper products to make creative and useful pieces of art!

Week 1: Tissue Papier-Mâché Cards – participants will learn some basic papier-mâché skills by creating a handful of greeting or holiday cards using tissue paper, torn paper and paper shape cut outs.

Week 2: Paper Clay Creations (part 1) – participants will learn how to create a clay-like substance from paper. Participants will use the clay to make whatever projects they would like, such as paper bowls for display, paper beads for jewelry making, or pressed paper ornaments to hang.

Week 3: Paper Clay Creations (part 2) – participants will finish off their paper clay creations from the previous week by decorating and painting them. Participants will also make a smaller paper clay creation that will later be featured as one collective work of art made out of the individual pieces of each participant.

Week 4: 3D Form Papier-Mâché Ornaments & Wire Armatures (part 1) – participants will learn how to make hanging ornaments out of papier-mâché and 3D foam shape forms. Participants will also learn how to make a wire armature to create their very own 3D form for their creations.

Week 5: 3D Form Papier-Mâché Ornaments & Wire Armatures (part 2) – participants will begin painting and decorating their finished pieces from the previous week. Pieces that are not complete from the previous week will be completed here.

Week 6: Putting it All Together – in the final week participants will be given the whole class to finish off decorating or painting any pieces left over from the previous weeks. Participants who are finished with their previous pieces can create more works or can learn how to make paper beads. At the end of the final class we will be assembling our collective piece made up of the individual pieces started in week 3.


Mack is a self-taught young adult artist who’s passion lies in making an impact with her art. She currently runs her own small art business online selling her art work and designed products like stickers, magnets, keychains, acrylic pins, prints and more. Mack has always been interested in making a change through her art, seeking out the most eco-friendly ways to run her small business.  She also creates pieces using recycled materials, keeping garbage out of the landfills longer and giving them a second chance. While Mack is still developing her art skills and experience, she is eager to get others passionate about creating works of art out of every day recycled materials or to make an impact on their world through their art.


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